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Shane Brown
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook


I'm getting a pretty serious glitch in my prototype that has only just started in the past day or two, and I've attached a video so you can see. It seems to be occurring in both the browser and in Framer Studio, although I've noticed in FramerStudio it is inconsistent with when and how it will happen (generally much more subtle). I tried to record it in FramerStudio via Quicktime but when doing so it glitched out 100%, and when not recording it was generally fine (still little glitches though).

I've also tried it on mobile (Chrome on Android) and iOS8 (iPad with both Chrome and Safari), and this glitch is occurring badly on there too.

I'm on the latest build of Yosemite (as of posting) with FramerStudio Version 1.9.0 (585)

I've uploaded the file here that you can look at (its far from complete!).

Trying it on Mavericks with Safari 7.1 I don't seem to be having any issues at all.

Any help is super appreciated :)


Jorn van Dijk

Whoops! cc Koen

Christopher Francis Paniati

I am having the same problem

Tisho Georgiev

Could you zip up the source files and share the link here, so we can try to debug this?

Shane Brown

I've uploaded the .framer and sketch file here. I apologise in advance for the absolutely horrid coding!

Koen Bok

Hey Shane, could you see if adding the following to the top of your screen fixes the problem: Framer.Loop.raf = false

Shane Brown

Koen, I tried that and it did change the behaviour a bit (on Chrome 38.0.2125.104 and Safari 8). I uploaded two video's of them below.

On iOS8 it is doing the same behaviour.

From what I can tell it has something to do with the spring animations, as it only seems to be occurring when they are used (and the Explore page is the most complex at the moment). If you try it on mobile/tablet, you can see the elements for Explore continually flying in from the width and height of the device when you select the cosyWinter card (specifically menuNav, cosyWinterSelect_2 and cosyWinter).

Shane Brown

Koen, I tried these last night, and it didn't seem to help at all, but today leaving those settings to default is working perfectly on Chrome 38.0.2125.104 and the same for Safari 8.0 in Yosemite. Not sure if the Yosemite Beta has silent updates or if I've managed to accidentally undo the bug.

On mobile (Chrome 32.0.2125.102 on Android 4.4.4) the behaviour hasn't changed with any of the settings you provided.

Shane Brown

Koen. The glitch has started again. I tried those settings you provided and it didn't help at all. Again, using it on Chrome in Mavericks worked perfectly.

Would I be able to a version of FramerStudio before the update to Webkit 2.0 to see if that works on mobile still (I previously had no problems but that may have also been due to the project being less complex) and for Yosemite to work on until the bug is worked out?

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