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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 18 - Read on Facebook

I'm doing a round of small fixes on the text editor, mostly shortcut keys. So far I fixed option-arrow to jump between words to account for punctuation.

What else would you wish the text editor did?


Koen Bok

Big things like intelligent autocomplete based on code introspection are on the list too, but will take more time to get done.

Elliott Kember

ooh, indented line wrapping! code folding?

Seoh Char

tab to space, space to tab (like Sublime)

Samwoo E

Code minimap?

Elliott Kember

Ctrl + Command + up/down to move lines up and down!

Arlo Jamrog

Cmd+tab to outdent a line

Noah Tsutsui

Text selection + quote should wrap the selection with quotes!

Loren Baxter

Some key chord to jump to the next empty or whitespace-only line, comparable to } and { in VIM command mode. Makes navigating up and down super fast. Maybe Alt + Up / Down, since Alt + Left / Right are also jumping farther than normal

Chris Lam

Some way to show layers you imported from photoshop/sketch. Would be nice to be able to validate if it went through

Edward Sanchez

Pasting code in should not mess up indentation. Xcode handles this beautifully.

Arlo Jamrog

Multiple files open, perhaps tabbed. One single file gets way too ungainly if you start getting a complex prototype going. If there's a way to externally edit that retains the auto-refresh, do let me know.

Andreas Wahlström

Shift + TAB to move a whole section of indentation back.

Diogenes Brito

Shift tab to outdent and option backspace to delete the word (also accounting for punctuation :)

Jonno Riekwel

if you have text selected, cmd + d to find the same piece of text in the same document and select that as well. So I can find and edit a repeated piece of text. Am I making sense?

Diogenes Brito

That is sublime's multiple selection, multiple cursor thing. They also allow you to cmd +k in between cmd+Ds to skip an occurrence

Elliott Kember

Option-arrow should only go to the start of the word, or the last punctuation character. Like from the end of to after the period.

Chris Lee

Option + click + drag or Command + click for multiple selection or cursors as in Sublime

Jay Bayley

I second Elliott Kember's request, I really miss this when i'm using Framer.

Emanuele Salamone

I vote for code folding and multiple tabs (both useful for big prototypes)

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