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Kevin Anderson
Posted Oct 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

I'm currently creating a showcase website for Framer prototypes as a side project. I found that the most examples are literally scattered around the web and I'd like to see them all at one place. I also think think it's a good place for people who are just getting started to download examples and play around with them. So I'd like to fill it with some cool examples from the community and people around the web. But, it needs content. And that's what my problem is right now :) I've created a quick landing page with a form so that you guys can send in prototypes I can place on the site.

I'm not a big coder and development progress is somewhat slow. So I hope to get the current version I have up and running in about a weeks time (it's 80% done by now).

Also, I'm curious what you guys think about this. At this point I've no idea what to expect in terms of response. If you've got any questions, hit me up on Twitter (@kevandrsn) or DM me :)

Keep rocking!


Stephen Crowley

Cool idea!

Andrea Trabucco Campos

maybe you've already seen it, but Ed Chao started a fantastic archive of his own Framer experiments — check it out here

Koen Bok

Check the source for our examples site too:

Maybe it's good to catch up with Benjamin, who is planning an example site overhaul too.

Kevin Anderson

Andrea Trabucco Campos Thanks! Solid resources (Y) Koen Good one! Thanks! I'll contact him Tomorrow. Stephen Crowley Thanks man!

Ed Chao

Would love to see this, I recall Min-Sang working on a similar initiative. If it helps, my stuff is up for grabs :)

Min-Sang Choi
Johannes Eckert
Robert van Klinken

Min-Sang Choi Kevin Anderson You guys should team up!

Kevin Anderson

Ed Chao Will definitely grab those. They look pretty damn good! Good stuff! Min-Sang Choi Maybe we can have a chat on Skype soonish? See what we can do for each other? Let me know! Johannes Eckert Nice collection. Will try to reach out to them :)

Min-Sang Choi

Kevin Anderson awesome idea! I have a team working with me. I'll talk to the team and reach out for you asap!

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