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Mike Meyer
Posted Oct 16 - Read on Facebook

TLDR: it’d be awesome if there was a StackOverflow-like alternative to this Facebook group. Here’s my reasoning:

1. Stuff keeps disappearing:

A lot of good resources and good answers become harder to find as time progresses. Comments that are great (“accepted”) answers aren’t always immediately visible and “like”ing them only does so much. Original posters can’t really call attention to the thing that helped them.

Lots of good material is getting eaten by the Facebook re-sort algorithm as well. Right now, there are brand new posts buried under stuff from a few days ago. I think everyone sees different posts when they visit this page, which is super weird.

Group search is helpful, but it means you’ve got to remember specifics about what you’re searching for. There’s no way to intelligently add metadata to your question so someone can find it in six months’ time.

2. Stuff I interact with in this group is mixed in with _every single other interaction_ I’ve made on Facebook.

3. There is no way to format text or, more importantly, _code_. I have to use these silly underscores instead.

4. Image support is pretty wonky. Images can’t be included inline with text. I don’t think you can upload multiple images. There is no GIF support (which seems like an incredibly intentional decision on Facebook’s part).

5. I have to go to to ask a question about Framer. I lose a whole lot of time every time I come here because of all the red dots with numbers that I have to deal with.

Proposed solutions:

Option A—propose a Framer (or better yet, Prototyping) Stack Exchange site here: This would be 100% GR8.

I’m suuuuper into the idea of a Prototyping™ StackExchange site. It would be a beautiful thing.

Option B—Take this poor, unused husk of a subreddit and actually use it:

Seems like the subreddit would be useful for people promoting prototypes that they’ve made, but I think we’d encounter similar issues with stuff disappearing as time goes on. It’d be nice if the subreddit had some Official Lovin’—at least a nice Framer-y background. I’m sure Alex Hazel (/r/framerjs mod) wouldn’t mind.

Option C—??? Do people still do forums??? What’s the new hot way to host a community with needs more technical than puppy picture sharing?

Am I alone in thinking this?


Alex Hazel

Thought I would comment since I was tagged....I themed the subreddit. It has colors and imagery that match the Framer blog. I would say it looks better than most sub-reddits. Ultimately, that is unimportant though.

The sub-reddit can be whatever the user community wants it to be. It's not just for showing off personal work. Start a conversation or post work or post links to helpful resources.

The potential longevity of a post on Reddit is not cause for concern. Posts are never removed. I have yet to see that happen and I have been using the site for 4 years. The only reason something would be removed is if it broke Reddit's rules or codes of conduct. So, that is a non-issue.

I started it in hopes that people would use it. The mods in the Facebook group seem hellbent on keeping all Framer discussions within their Facebook group.

Good luck getting them to change their minds. Hopefully in the future we could adapt something like StackExchange or to handle issues and get feedback.

Ben Sauer

couldn't agree more. Really don't use FB for anything technical like this. Still, I understand it's better than nothing when you're starting out - I'm sure the guys know this!

Alex Hazel

And yes. Forums are still "a thing". In fact, the co-founder of StackExchange, Jeff Atwood, still believes in the power of forums. So much so, that he decided to completely revolutionize them by creating

Alex Hazel

NobeBB is also an option:

Alex Hazel

Also Flarum is an interesting project to keep your eyes on as well:

Andy Cetnarskyj

Just got into framer and nightmare finding stuff in the group +1 on forum

Mike Meyer

Alex “hellbent” seems a bit intense. The Facebook group has never seemed like a permanent solution. Facebook’s love of “relevance” means that good stuff will continue to disappear into the aether, and I don’t think Koen and co are blind to that.

I’m glad forums are still around. I like them. Discourse looks rad. I like that it’s opensource, has a self-hosted license option, and also doesn’t suck. That’s a tough mix to find.

Jordan Robert Dobson

That's where I think something like Gittr would be good cause it's searchable as well.

Koen Bok

I'd love to move off FB, I just don't like any of the forums that I checked out (including the ones above).

I've said this before: make a nice forum and I'll be your first customer.

Chad Lonberger

I empathize with the frustrations mentioned. As a counter point though, I will say my posting volume is 1000% higher here than on stack or forums.. And seeing framer topics in my feed does spur my engagement big time.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think the responses are much better here too!

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