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Dae Hyuk Yoon
Posted Oct 17 - Read on Facebook

Here are features request for Framer Studio :)

1. Shortcut key to highlight the whole line (e.g. CMD + L)
2. Shortcut key for unindent.
3. Ability to search & replace words.


Seoh Char

replace: press cmd+f and click 'replace', or cmd+opt+f (when editor is focused)

Seoh Char

and indent/unindent is cmd+[ or cmd+]. did you find it?

Dae Hyuk Yoon

awesome, thanks Cha Seoh!

Elliott Kember

Hmm - what about indented line-wrap? If I start a line that's indented by one tab, the line-wrap could start one tab width in. Sublime does it, just saying...

Dae Hyuk Yoon

Also vertical guidelines that show the grouping of codes would be really handy.

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