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Benjamin Lehn
Posted Oct 14 - Read on Facebook

My syntax here is wrong, but is something like this possible?

layer.draggable.enabled = true
----noDrag: { draggable.enabled: false }
layer.on Events.Click, - >

the goal is to toggle the draggable state on a layer on click


Koen Bok

I think you are looking for something like this:

Benjamin Lehn

That works well for the blur property, but I'm not sure about how to create a layer state where draggable is disabled, like:

----fixed: { layer.draggable.enabled = false }

George Kedenburg III

Benjamin, this is what you're looking for:

George Kedenburg III

It seems simple on paper, but it does require a little bit more logic than you realize, because we need to determine if the user is clicking or dragging. Without that, the initial drag click will reset the draggability.

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