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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

Framer Studio 1.9: The Yosemite Release. Today we ship our best release yet. Updated looks, but mostly huge performance increases across the board. We use the new WebKit2 engine in Yosemite to get up to 40% better JavaScript performance, and to run projects in a separate process, eliminating all lag while editing projects. And we added an in-app documentation browser.

To get the latest release select "Check for Updates" in the app. Remember that you need Yosemite for WebKit2, 10.9 will fallback to WebKit1. Enjoy!


Francesco Fiore

You rock as always guys!

Seoh Char

in-app document! :D

Daniel Lin

Luka Marčec

Jackson Alsop

I just prolapsed from excitement

Jonathan E. Chen

David Caputo

Edward Sanchez

Jonatan Castro

Marc Lee

Andy Lee

Looks like "Check for Update" is greyed out in my app. Anyone else?

Fran Pérez

Edward Sanchez


Rasmus Andersson

Congrats on shipping!

Takuhito Hihara

Riccardo Zecchini

yess, in-app docs ;)

Arron J Hunt

The DL link keeps giving me 1.8.28? Anyone else?

Stephen Crowley

Running 10.9 and Framer Studio 'Check for Updates' still says I'm up to date with 1.8.28

Ray Su

Great to see all these updates so frequently! Just updated to 1.9. Anyone else getting a TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'Framer.Device.setDeviceScale')? My previously compilable project is throwing this error right after the update. Is this a known issue? Keep up the great work, Koen Bok!

Koen Bok

Hey Ray, try and remove your index.html and restart Framer Studio.

Ray Su

No bueno, I'm afraid...

Koen Bok

Could you send your project to [email protected]?

Ray Su

Weird...if I create a new project with the exact same code, it works. Going with that for now.

Paul Knittel

Well done guys :)

Ray Su

Btw Koen Bok, I sent ya some code snippets offline at [email protected]. Hopefully that'll help ya hunt this little bugger down. Thanks for being so responsive!

Emanuele Salamone

I'm having some problems with Utils.domLoadJSONSync...
This is the log:
[Error] XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///Users/TheManuz/GraphicProjects/2014/Ciao/Framer/Ciao_home.framer/welcomeDrawing.json. Cross origin requests are only supported for HTTP.
domLoadDataSync (framer.js, line 4638)
domLoadJSONSync (framer.js, line 4651)
(anonymous function) (.temp.html, line 28)
global code (.temp.html, line 1285)

This worked on the previous Framer version before Yosemite update.
Stopped working after Yosemite. Then i updated Framer hoping for a fix, but no luck for me!
Help me please! :D

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