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Juan Sanchez
Posted Oct 13 - Read on Facebook

Here's a prototype we built a while back to explore some navigation concepts.


Tarun Chakravorty

very interesting concept. This concept of sending things to the "back" and the pulling down on the current view to go up a level is a pretty new one, but still unexplored. The official google app does this, and apps like Clear / Paper do it to a certain extent. Would definitely like to see more apps do it.

Braden Hamm

I like how the hamburger menu moves down with the panel, instead of staying in place.

Jackson Stephens

Holy shit

Alessandro Rosa

Good! maybe the animations are too fast..anyway, is a really good prototype

Robert van Klinken

Like all the animations. Reaching buttons in the top of the screen gets annoying for me on iPhone 6. Personally I'm avoiding those as much as I can. Just some thoughts..

Jung Choi

great concept! i like the idea of putting pages away by dragging down (like the facebook papaer app)

Den Hardubernerd


Michael Whitehead

You know when you have that concept in your head but not sure how to make it real. Watching this video is the closest I've come to shouting 'Bingo!!'.

Kishore Doddi

Nice! Any chance you're publishing your code for this?

Ahmad Shadeed

Wonderful! Great Job..

Stephen Crowley

Very nice! Animations are beautiful and well thought out. My two cents: I find the hamburger button position change a little too jarring. Technically it is the only actionable button on the lower part of the screen. It would cause me to reposition my hand for that one action, where all other actions could be executed comfortably in the same relative proximity. At any rate, it's a great composition of navigation- nice work!

Juan Sanchez

The shifting menu button was something we discussed as well and opted to remove it. I think we could have smoothed it out a bit though. One thing we explored was making that whole header tappable to exit the menu, not just the icon/button. An approach like that might be nice on a larger device, which made us wonder if the menu button might be better positioned at the bottom altogether. We didn't go that route and kept it in the upper-left since the menu didn't hold frequently accessed items.

As for source files, this was the first prototype I did in Framer and I now realize there are easier ways to do things, so I might rework it.

Blaine Billingsley

Would definitely love to learn from your file if you ever do rework it! Absolutely stellar!

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