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Nynke Schrakamp
Posted Oct 09 - Read on Facebook

hi Koen Bok,
Just bought Framer after that I tried the trial version. I encounter a similar problem as Svet Denkov . Over a 100 lines, the code portion is covered in white. Could you please look into this?
Alvast bedankt!


Jorn van Dijk

This sounds like a known bug that we've previously encountered on older versions of Mavericks. Can you make sure you're Mac is updated to the latest version (preferably Yosemite even)?

Nynke Schrakamp

Alright, will do Thnx!

Nynke Schrakamp

Updated my computer, installed new version of framer. However had a new problem.. for some reason now the animation part got white after a while and I could not run my animations. Found out, that it was because I was storing it on google docs, I m saving my stuff now in my documents. Just wanted to drop a line about that. Further more, love the easy and beautiful way of animating!

Koen Bok

Heel goed.

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