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John Anthony Evans
Posted Oct 08 - Read on Facebook

Koen this might be a dumb question but I can't figure it out. If I do something like iconLayer = new Layer, how can I access iconlayer using something like Framer.CurrentContext.iconLayer ?


Josh Puckett

What are you trying to accomplish in a way that just accessing it as 'iconLayer' wouldn't work?

John Anthony Evans

I've embedded the framer in an iFrame and I want to call functions from outside of the iFrame.

Johannes Eckert

i'm pretty sure that's illegal in almost all browsers

John Anthony Evans

Well I can call it like this


I'm just wondering how to do it so I am not using that private variable.

Johannes Eckert

Oh, ok! then when you put your framer layer into the window variable, e.g. window.iconLayer = iconLayer then you might be able to access it from the outside?

John Anthony Evans

That's what I am trying to work out. It's not on Window and it doesn't appear to be on Framer either but it's big and complex.

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