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Ben Sauer
Posted Oct 09 - Read on Facebook

How do you include an external CSS file within framer studio? I tried hacking the source HTML to no avail...


Jackson Stephens

I assumed you should be able to reference it in the html.

Mike Feldstein

You can also create the script tag and insert in via javascript

Koen Bok

Yeah just add it to the head of the html file.

Ben Sauer

OK, this seems really simple, not sure what's going on.

Framer coffeescript:
Checked in chrome, this class is applied to the layer.

Have style.css loading from index.html, but the .card style isn't being applied to layers.

Normally I'd know how to debug the HTML, but going via framer studio I've no idea.


Ben Sauer

ignore me. N00b mistake in the CSS

Jackson Stephens

You can debug in Studio just like you can in a browser, just a heads up

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