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Johannes Eckert
Posted Jun 17 - Read on Facebook

is there a good reason why Zoom has to be disabled when no device is selected? I'd like to still control the zoom of my prototype when viewing it (not all of them have devices)


Koen Bok

A bit, but maybe it's solvable. In order to calculate "zoom to fit" I need a static canvas size and Framers fullscreen canvas has always been stretchable (changes width and height with the window).

But because the device is just Framer code too, you can easily add a specific one to your project. This example give you a 500x500 device that is zoomable.

Johannes Eckert

that is a very interesting hack — maybe there is a more direct way of telling framer studio what the safe frame is? This works for now. Maybe Framer Studio could pick up the custom device in it's device dropdown list instead of fullscreen?

Koen Bok

If we run enough into this I'll add it :-)

Matthew Joseph Kulp

I'm glad to find a way around this.

Koen I'd really love to be able to Zoom in when fullscreen is selected under Viewer.

I'm working on a desktop app and when I set Framer's viewer to fullscreen, half the thing crops out.

I'd be satisfied if Framer found the largest dimension of the imported file and then made sure it displayed 100% of that dimension. That way, I'd always see the entire imported artboard and I could live without Zoom for most situations.

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