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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 08 - Read on Facebook

I'd like to experiment with an open chat room so people can get live help with Framer. We can hang out there during office hours and maybe some of you would like to join us too. Anyone knows a good product to do this? Campfire? Open Slack room? Or just plain old IRC?


Stephen Crowley

IRC would be alright.

Atanas Mahony

Koen Bok maybe this could help ?

Pasquale D'Silva

slack is pretty great, but you'll have to manually invite people. we have one for keezy friends.

Samwoo E

I'm a fan of slack. Would much prefer hipchat over campfire.

Kara Zor EL

I think slack would be pretty cool for an open forum

Jordan Robert Dobson

I highly recommend I used it recently for my iOS programming class at University of Washington and it's pretty solid and free.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Oh and it works well with

Chris Lam

Slack would be great!

Koen Bok

I'd pick Slack if they had an option to have an open room...

Anders Thid

Slack :)

Mike Meyer

Hmm. Is there a way to make IRC more designer-friendly? It seems like it’d work nicely, but getting it configured on the client side could end up being pretty confusing for some people.

Stephen Crowley
Svet Denkov

I have been using Slack with great success. Campfire seems to be more restricted, and I think it is paid. Hope this helps!

Aaron Carámbula

Making one with parse seems like an obvious answer :D

David Ehlers


Fredrik Søgaard


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