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Alex Hazel
Posted Oct 06 - Read on Facebook

Any designers hear of this new software that seems to be a serious contender for Photoshop? --


Alex Hazel

Would Framer possibly support this at some point in the future?

Thomas Aylott

Looks more like a competitor to Illustrator. I've tried it out a bit. I like it a lot!

Thomas Aylott

If there's enough interest in Framer support, I may take another look at it and see if I can make it work

Thani Suchoknand

This looks really awesome. Some serious thought and engineering went into this. Excited to give it a spin!

Moaaz Sidat

Is there a free trial or something of the sort available? Been looking at it since yesterday, would love to give it a spin!

Anders Thid

They say that the plan was free trial, but they didn't have time before launch. Free trial within 3-4weeks or so...

Arun Pattnaik


Chris Slowik

its only $40 lol just buy it...

if it really isn't what they say it is, just get your refund from the app store.

Ed Chao

im trying this out right now. Its not bad. the ui is a bit confusing though and they dont have illustrators ability to convert a sharp corner to a rounded one.

Chris Slowik

Ouch that's a big oversight (sketch can do that as well)

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