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Alex Hazel
Posted Oct 04 - Read on Facebook

I am in the private beta for Pixate, Inc. They don't have s*** on Framer. You guys have a much better tool. While Pixate is MUCH better at setting up simple interactions, it completely breaks down as soon as you want to do something that is both dynamic and complex. Pixate is geared more towards a true designer rather than designer unicorns that also know how to code. Keep up the good work Framer. I consider you ahead of the pack when it comes to interaction design.


Ola Laurin

It comes down to what you're trying to do IMHO. Having tried both too I definitely see great value in each tool. There's nothing wrong in having several tools at your disposal.

Alex Hazel

You don't even have access to the output in Pixate. You can only view your prototype in their companion app for iOS or Android. Huge downfall when it comes to combining it with other tools.

Ola Laurin

You don't always need the output, say if you're trying to explain an animation or a flow to someone at the office or user test a certain concept. For quite some time you couldn't export your output from InVision either but it was still very useful, at least to our team.

Alim Williams

How can i get an invite to Pixate, Inc.

Emanuele Salamone

I also got access to the beta of Pixate, and I've come to the same conclusion: nice tool, fast, doesn't need code knowledge, but it relies on predefined interactions. You can combine them, but you can't invent new "blocks".
Since I can code, I'll stick to Framer, which frankly is pretty fast too!

Karan Ganesan

I think what Emanuele saying is correct !

Koen Bok

I think Pixate and Form are pretty impressive tools and I'm glad we have options. Makes it exciting being a designer. The best advice is already above: master different tools and pick the right one for each job.

Gabriel Lovato

Things to keep in mind :
1. There are different kinds of people with different needs, interests, and skills, and they may need/prefer different kind of tools
2. Even for one person, there are different kind of jobs/tasks and different tools may more appropriate/faster
3. Unanimity and monopolies are never good. So let's be glad we have many tools at our disposal, it only makes things more exciting.

Edward Sanchez

I'M A UNICORN??? 😄 😄 😄 😄

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