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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Oct 06 - Read on Facebook

We've completely revamped the Learn and Documentation pages.

The learn page has a lot of new content, examples, videos and illustrations to explain Framer in much more detail. The documentation has been overhauled as well, and now covers all of Framer.

A great time to start learning Framer. Check it out!


Min-Sang Choi

Great update!

Jorn van Dijk

Big shout-out to Benjamin for making these sections awesome!

Koen Bok

Hey guys, the docs now have examples for _every_ property. I'm not kidding. I also tried to add things that came up in the group often.

Some examples:
Animation Loop:
Animation Options:

Moaaz Sidat

Good stuff!

Ninh Bui

I have to say, as an engineer, it fills me with great pleasure to see you guys take so much care in creating the prettiest documentation I've seen in a while. Please let me know where I can purchase my very own Sofa team(tm) to do this for our docs ;-)

Chris Arrowood

Awesome work.

Giovanni Caruso

Cool! Thanks! :)

Noah Tsutsui

wow, you guys seriously outdid yourselves on this. please take some time off to relax!

Gabriel Lovato


Nick Kutateli

Wow! SO much better!

Marc Bodmer

Looks awesome!

David Ehlers

Nice job

Noah Levin


Aaron Carámbula

This is such a massive improvement. Thanks guys!

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Amazing work!

Blaine Billingsley

Really cool! Real quick, it looks like the link with the text "comparators" in the scrolling section is linked to a "localhost" URL instead of the final url

Tony Wallström

This is great!

Simon Rood

Very nice lads!

Marc Krenn

What an improvement! Nice work :)

Some smaller bits are missing though. Maybe you could, for example, add an explanation (and/or a live demo) on the three spring-values in the future?

Christiaan de Rijk

Very cool, will check it out over the weekend.

Ed Chao

these docs make me so very happy.

Louis Blythe

Lets do it? Wesley Fagan

Mike Meyer

New docs are splendid. I’ve been referencing them on and off all day.

Adam Kopec


Emanuele Salamone

Love the new docs, thanks guys!

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