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Ed Chao
Posted Oct 02 - Read on Facebook

Since it's sometimes hard to find downloadable projects in this stream, I've assembled a collection of my framer prototypes with downloadable source here on my personal site. Will try to keep it updated with new stuff. hope it helps!


Shabba Sean

thanks for sharing!

Min-Sang Choi

Awesome stuff!

Matt O'Donnell

Hell yeah! Thx for posting. Rook here gettin my feet wet.

Chong Lee Khoo


Koen Bok

This is beautiful!

Samuel Pushpak

Very useful. Thank You.

Andrea Trabucco Campos

that's awesome — thanks Ed!

Guus Baggermans

The examples look awesome! Sadly the Zip's don't extract on my machine...

Ed Chao

Guus Baggermans That is strange. Is anyone else having issues downloading and unzipping the source projects?

Jorn van Dijk

Thanks man, looks awesome as always.

Baed Dennis Rick

Thanks man! why not using something like tumblr to have an active rss feed?

Ed Chao

Bäd I could probably get an rss feed going with jekyll too. Just haven't gotten around to it. Perhaps in the future :)

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