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Ed Chao
Posted Oct 01 - Read on Facebook

was putting this together for a prototype at work. But figured I'd share it in case people wanted a simple example of radial progress bars. See first comment to download source. Using the new layer.force2d


Brandon Souba

Dope thanks!

Noah Tsutsui

Ed, always love your examples. Would you mind inline commenting them in the future?

Ed Chao

Noah Tsutsui will do :)

Cate Meng

Thanks Ed. I loved your previous multiview example too!

Koen Bok

Ed: be advised borderRadius as a string will be dropped soon. You can do layer.borderRadius = layer.height / 2

Ed Chao

Koen got it. thanks for the heads up.

Emanuele Salamone

LOL Ed Chao! You are masking the masked masks!

Ed Chao

Emanuele Inception man.

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