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Kyle Sollenberger
Posted Nov 02 - Read on Facebook

Here's a little chart visualization i've been playing around with. Allows for sets of 3 values that you can switch between and then calculates the average.


Samuel Pushpak

Great stuff! Are the changing values hard-coded ? I was wondering if we can read datasets (json, csv or spreasheet) inside of Framer Studio ?

Kyle Sollenberger

You can pass the values in to the class. Code to come.

Kyle Sollenberger

Brandon, should be able to just pull it down and open the folder with framer studio.

Kyle Sollenberger


Kyle Sollenberger

ah, got it.

Tarun Chakravorty

damn, gotta read this code this weekend. I have been planning to prototype a radial progress bar for forever. Thanks for sharing this!

Chad Lonberger

Kyle Sollenberger finally got a chance to dig into your code and it's beautifully written! Thanks for the share.

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