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Matt O'Donnell
Posted Sep 30 - Read on Facebook

I'm a UX designer who's really interested in utilizing Framer into my workflow but extremely low on funds to buy it since I've been looking for work for a while. Looking at the Framer docs I'm unsure what code languages I should be familiar with before pulling the trigger on buying it. When it comes to front-end skills I'm a junior dev who's starting to learn Javascript. Thanks in advance for the feedback!


Ninh Bui

JavaScript and coffeescript :)

Matt O'Donnell

Right on. Code I don't know yet. Thx for the feedback.

Mark Cameron McConachie

To do most things, you don't really need to have a very deep understanding of javascript or coffeescript. Take a look at the example code at

Andreas Wahlström

Hi! The editor (called Framer Studio) is the only thing that costs money. You can still use framer.js (JavaScript library) for free as long as you choose another editor. You can even use a web based editor like

Aneesh Bhoopathy

Matt, try out the free trial!

Matt O'Donnell

Aneesh I'm all about the free trial, I just don't want to waste it staring blankly at unfamiliar code. Going to look at those examples and practice in codepen first. Thx guys!

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