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Johannes Eckert
Posted Sep 30 - Read on Facebook

I have some frustration with the new Framer Studio: After migrating some of the examples from the Framer Site (e.g. or I get weird errors on properties, such as
Layer.borderRadius: value '50%' of type 'string' is not valid

also (when uncommenting the lines so it will render), I cannot use the zoom/fit options without a device present. it is either set to 100% and disabled or changing the control does nothing.


Seoh Char

just put 50 instead of "50%"
interface seems to be changed, but yet documented.

internally, current version got HUGE changed from previously version. i think framer team have a time to work hard :/

Johannes Eckert

That helped for the material design example — but the load-and-display.framer still doesn't do anything but throws a similar error

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