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Svet Denkov
Posted Oct 02 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys. Just stared playing with Sketch and Framer Studio. Quick question about importing. I have a simple rectangle and some text in Sketch. Then I import the opened file via the built-in importer, but see nothing on Studio's iPhone screen. I tried using the importedLayers object, but it highlights red. What am I missing? Do I have to install the separate Framer Generator app? Thanks in advance!


Nick Bewley

Are your layers in a group(s)?

Cate Meng

Make sure you layers are in a group and position the group at x:0 y:0 in Sketch. Hope this helps! Also check out There are some sample sketch files available there.

Svet Denkov

Nick, I just have 2 individual layers in no group (doing a barebone test). Cate, I thought there is some specific setup on the Sketch side, but was not sure what it is. I will take a look at the examples and will see if that solves my problem :)

Nick Bewley

Svet they gotta be in a group to be imported to framer. Check the learn > importing page

Svet Denkov

Thanks Nick. I put them in groups, and it worked. So if I understand correctly the "import" feature is all i need, and not the app shown here: My guess is that the video shows an outdated way to do the import?

Koen Bok

Yep import is all you need.

Svet Denkov

Thanks Koen! Even across even sketch importer plug-in so was a little confused what was current. Great job on making the import process easy as cake!

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