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Min-Sang Choi
Posted Oct 01 - Read on Facebook

Circular mask isn't working with the newest version of framer. = "50%"
layerB._prefer2d = true

supposed to work with this code, but it's not clipping sublayer after I upgraded my framer project. any idea?


Emanuele Salamone

I'm having the same problem...

Koen Bok

Try making the borderRadius a numeric property

Min-Sang Choi

Koen Bok, yep, that works now. thanks! (edited: hmm.. it still doesn't work as a mask, do I have anything to add?)

Koen Bok

I'm lazy. Can you share this project?

Seoh Char['-webkit-mask-image'] = '-webkit-radial-gradient(circle, white, black)'
there is a problem about safari.

Min-Sang Choi

Cha Seoh works perfectly! thanks! :-)

Seoh Char

actually, i told it once at seoul meetup (in speaking) :/

Emanuele Salamone

Thanks guys for fixing this!

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