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Fredrik Ampler
Posted Sep 26 - Read on Facebook

simple question, very confusing: I want to remove the background from a layer at a certain point, but it only works at creation of the layer:

This works fine:
sidePanelLayer = new Layer
backgroundColor: false

while this doesn't work (once the color is set) :
sidePanelLayer.backgroundColor = false

Can I state the last line differently to make it work?


Mark Cameron McConachie

you could give it a transparent background.. like
sidePanelLayer.backgroundColor = "rgba(0,0,0,0)"

Fredrik Ampler

that worked, thank you!

Mark Cameron McConachie

actually, a better thing is to set

sidePanelLayer.backgroundColor = "transparent"

Andreas Wahlström

Or = ""

Koen Bok

False doesn't work, use "" or null or "transparent".

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