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Cemre Güngör
Posted Sep 30 - Read on Facebook

Trying to fake scrolling by draggable and momentum, though I can't quite get the values right. Anyone know what values here feel like natural iOS scrolling?


Min-Sang Choi

I think Koen's ScrollView might give you a hint(sorry if you're already know this ;-))

Koen Bok

You know, with the mousemove event in iOS8 being there we should be able to record the values and calculate the inputs.

Ola Laurin

Something like 'myLayer.draggable.intertialScroll = true' would be amazingly helpful.

Justin Youens

YES! It would be *very* helpful to have an easy way to mimic iOS inertial scroll views. (Of note, the Form app added a path for this, which is very popular.) It doesn't need to be perfect, but something quick and easy to use would make mocking up realistic iOS apps so much better.

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