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Nick Bewley
Posted Sep 24 - Read on Facebook

Saw something from Koen the other day saying to create a text input and make it editable use this:

myLayer.html = "<input type='text'>"
myLayer.ignoreEvents = false["-webkit-user-select"] = "auto"

Doesn't seem to work in 1.8. The input is created but is not editable. Anyone have any ideas? There is a codepen illustrating here: Thanks for any input


Dennis Zhao

your click handler is replacing the HTML in the layer on click! so the one you clicked gets replaced by a new input element

Koen Bok

Yup what Dennis sais. Just create it once and it will work.

Nick Bewley

Ok thanks guys makes sense. Having a strange problem though where the input (only an input field) is not workin in framer studio ( The very same code works in codepen.. ( Any one with any ideas as to why it does not work in studio? Thanks a ton!

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