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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 04 - Read on Facebook

We just shipped Framer 1.8 with a brand new device preview. We now support orientation, zoom to fit, background images and much more. You can also now easily share your prototypes with the device preview included.

For a full rundown read:



Francesco Fiore

this rocks hard guys

Édouard Urcades


Johannes Eckert

this is incredible!

Wilson Miner

No 6 Plus?

Luka Marčec


Kevin Cannon


Rafael Puyana

Amazing Koen. Thanks so much !

Jackson Alsop


Koen Bok

Wilson 6 Plus coming up.

JT DiMartile

The update I've been waiting for! Thanks guys.

Koen Bok

Luka you can use this on Windows. See the device docs.

Luka Marčec

Koen, I can't seem to understand from device docs what new features now I can use on Windows. Can you explain, please?

Koen Bok

Luka, you can just download the latest Framer at and set up the device yourself with:

Framer.Device = new Framer.DeviceView()

Luka Marčec

Thank you! :)

Noah Tsutsui

Zoom to fit... you're the man

Moses Tg

When specifying z position of a layer, it seems that it also moves it in the y axis. Is this a bug or is it intentional?

Emanuele Salamone

Sorry to say this, but the new Framer studio broke the circular masking examples (Material design circle mask)!
Is there something i can do to fix it?

Juan Ignacio Serra

It also broke the scroll. Are you aware of this or is it just me?

Oscar Alonso

I am having random jumpiness issues with dragging

Edward Sanchez

WOW! This is like a 2.0 update! Amazing stuff!

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