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Koen Bok
Posted Sep 19 - Read on Facebook

We revamped the website with a better look. It's now also easier to navigate and find specific things. Next up are the docs.

We'd love to hear what you think.


Stephen Crowley

Vampires. That's my guess... you guys don't sleep because you don't have to. All kidding aside, nice work- it keeps getting better and better!

Nick Balestra

It feels a bit weird to have the window's close,minimize and zoom buttons "flat" while all the rest of the app its a perfect representation of it. Everything else is much better organised now, good job indeed!

Koen Bok

Nick those are Yosemite buttons :-)

Nick Balestra

True, havent switched to it yet, it looks that the opposite may be true for a while then, anyway good job guys!

Christophe Tauziet

Ooooohhhh look at that! Pretty pretty!

Anders Hedwig

Stunning! Which Icon Set did you use? Given that you used an Icon Set instead of making your own. Anyways, good work!

Kai Oliver Reuter

Is the framer generator still available?

Dae Hyuk Yoon

I could've missed it but I don't see framer generator anywhere. Have you guys stop supporting for framer generator?

Keith Lang

Idea which I may have missed… perhaps a url could take a user to an example on their own iphone for example?

Koen Bok

Hey Dae, we're moving all that to Github, stay tuned.

Koen Bok

Hey Keith on the example site we support a few mobile examples.

Nick van der Wildt

I really love the new website! Although I think there should be a state on the active menu item under LEARN and DOCS :-)

Nick van der Wildt

Also (however not sure if you need it), I miss some connection between the community page's 'branding' and the website - the latter which seems to lack any branding efforts except for the killer style you guys have. I really like the icon you guys use for Framer.. any chance you want to include that on the website somewhere?

Edward Sanchez

Nice! Documentation will be so good!

Giovanni Caruso

Is it me or the download button (examples) points always to the same .zip archive?

Luis Ricardo La Torre

You guys revamp the site every weeek ಠ_ಠ

Luis Ricardo La Torre

jk I love it

Edward Sanchez

Giovanni Caruso I get the same issue.

Koen Bok

Benjamin can you check the download examples button issue?

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