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Brian Saunders
Posted Sep 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone,

I have a question related to using click events on list items that are in a scrollable view. I have 20 generic list items that all have a click event on them that triggers a detail view.

A single click works as expected, but it is impossible for me to scroll through the entire list without accidentally triggering the click event and opening the detail view. How can I better control this behavior so the the click event doesn't fire when the user tries to scroll?

I have found this link that Koen posted for reference: but that's for comparing coordinates at the start and end of a drag movement and I don't know enough to apply the same concept to scrolling.

Can anyone help?


Brian Saunders

Forgive me, but I've tried to implement this pattern a number of times and get an error on the click event:

"TypeError: '[object Object]' is not a function (evaluating 'layer.screenFrame()')"

I'm pretty new at all this stuff and can't quite figure out what that means. Can anyone nudge me in the right direction while I continue to fiddle?

Brian Saunders

I figured out that the issue was caused by differences between the Framer directory in the example Koen posted and the one that Framer Studio generates when I start a new project.

Koen Bok

Ah yes. Sorry the .screenFrame became a property instead of a function in the latest version.

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