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Moaaz Sidat
Posted Sep 18 - Read on Facebook

Is Framer Generator working with the release version of Sketch?


Koen Bok

It works with 3.0 but can be buggy. 3.1 has a ton of fixes.

Moaaz Sidat

Hmm, somehow my Generator isn't even showing me the release version of Sketch as an option. Only the beta version. Tried reinstalling, didn't seem to fix the issue. Attaching a photo of the issue below. Have a saved Sketch document open in the background, and Framer Generator in the front.

Framer Generator version: 3.0.33
Sketch version: 3.0.4

(Although it did work before, I have previously worked with Sketch release and Framer...can't figure out what's wrong...)

Koen Bok

I'll update the generator with the latest fixes from Framer Studio soon, that will give you separate items for Sketch and Sketch Beta.

Moaaz Sidat

Haha awesome. Seems like everyone's switched over to Studio except me. Might be time to do that soon enough ;)

Koen Bok

Framer Generator is now updated!

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