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Vilius Paulauskas
Posted Sep 13 - Read on Facebook

Framer is just amazing! I've finished my first bigger prototype, took up to 2 days. We're about to do a prototype for the whole app and simply hand it to the developers to implement. A time saver! #madewithframer


Vilius Paulauskas

PS. Any insights on the design are much appreciated

Vilius Paulauskas

Feature request: while Framer editor fits well for basic editing, it is not a match for a more serious coding tool eg. Sublime. Would be lovely if Framer would look for changes in the file and reload itself. This way everyone could use their favourite editing tool.

Min-Sang Choi

well done! :-)

Aneesh Bhoopathy

Vilius, awesome prototype! I use livereload + vim for editing and that works pretty well for me

Koen Bok

Vilius I think that should work from 1.7 and up. I sneaked it in but didn't thoroughly test it. Let me know if it works for you.

Jorn van Dijk

Sick prototype!

Ed Chao

this is the most comprehensive proto I've seen yet. Great job.

Braden Hamm

Very complete. Don't see that as much with Framer.

Adam Laskowitz

Wow this is great! I love the text animation when sliding left and right. Menu on the right is a little weird though :/
How did you do the type-able keyboard?

Johannes Eckert

wow — VERY well done prototype with all the smooth curves. can you shed some light how you accomplished the scrollable/paginated screens? Did you just use draggable elements or iScroll?

Chad Lonberger

Brilliantly done! Would really like to hear about your process and how you structured/organized your codebase for a larger end-to-end prototype like this (currently one of my bigger struggles). Also like to hear about the keyboard/form input! Blog post would be awesome :)

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