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Sheikh Noor
Posted Sep 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I've just landed to framerjs. I need to quickly learn and use it for one of my quick project. But sadly I don't have mac atm. I saw a video from vimeo where Mr. Koen Bok is using the chrome browser as an editor to work with the framer.

Quick Question: Is there a way I can at least link up the framerjs files and use that kind of editor from Windows? Please help me thank you so much for your time and help in advance.


Koen Bok

Sure, just get framer.js here and start editing app.js with your favorite editor:

Sheikh Noor

Koen Bok Just love you SIR! Thank you so much for the quick help. I downloaded that file already twice but never checked inside... Being curious always helps in our industry... I re-learn that again. Thanks again for your help <3

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