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Fredrik Ampler
Posted Sep 11 - Read on Facebook

In framer studio and the console: how can I see which code line in FS is throwing an error or printing a console.log statement? Framer.js did this, it was great for debugging...?


Koen Bok

The error shows on the bottom and the icon on the left lets you open the console to fully inspect it. Is that what you mean?

Fredrik Ampler

that part is great. What I'm missing is the reference to the FS code line for my console.log statements. It just makes finding the place simpler. The console lists additional errors that FS is not mentioning, maybe I can just ignore stuff like this: [Error] Failed to load resource: The requested URL was not found on this server. (time_slots-AA0B7672-279E-4A89-86E8-8ABD9711ECF0.png, line 0)

Fredrik Ampler

Ah, never mind: when mirroring in a brower, that console includes a ref to the FS code line like this: " 43". All good, thanks!

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