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John Framer
Posted Oct 04 - Read on Facebook

hey fellas, quick q about sketch and scrolling!

I have a sidebar UI, that slides in from the bottom when I press a button.
I need to be able to to scroll right and left to hit thumbnail buttons that are outside the screen.

I know that I can use scrollHorizontal but how do I prepare my sketch file? Do I need to add .Scroll on the end of my group name on sketch?

I am using framer generator 3.0.33 which means that I am probably on an earlier version of framers.

Thanks, god bless and keep making fuckn cool stuff!!!
A framer fan and beginner.


John Framer

Benjamin Koen Ale

Koen Bok

Hey John read this: (near scrolling layer). Then, just set .scroll = true on the scrolling layer.

Alexander Zinchenko

I may be wrong, but it seems generator crops the layer contents while importing... I have had the same problem

Koen Bok

If you use Sketch be real sure to use 3.1. 3.x had a bug with that.

Alexander Zinchenko

I've used latest Photoshop with parent group having a vector mask

John Framer

Thanks for the reply Koen. Setting my group layer bottom_UI.scroll to true is not working for me.

As I said I am using framer generator 3.0.33 and sketch 3.1 (8715).
Do I have to name the group (in sketch) in a way that inlcudes "scroll" like it used to be earlier?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey John Framer, I've created a quick sample document based on your mock-up:

- For now, make sure you're using Sketch Beta to avoid any masking issues.
- See preview video:
- Download .framer file:
- Download .sketch file:

After import, all you need to make it scrollable is to set scroll on the Parent layer:
bg.Parent.scroll = true

John Framer

thank you very much Benjamin. Will give it a go. Cheers.

Edward Sanchez

How honored are you to have a framework named after you John?

Abdou Ghr

Hey Benjamin Den Boer thanks for helping out framer peers! I am using framer2/windows and have a persistent issue with vertical scrolling. I created my mask etc...but parentview.scroll = true doesn't work at all for me. I know this could be obvious but any thoughts??

Stephen Crowley

Abdou Ghr Try naming your group with scroll at the end ie GroupName scroll. (If you are using Framer2)

Kévin Baës

Benjamin Den Boer Many thanks for your exemple files ! it helps me a lot to understand.

Abdou Ghr

Stephen Crowley sorry for my late response...of course tried but didn't work even when i created a new 'view' as a superView from editor

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