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Koen Bok
Posted Sep 10 - Read on Facebook

After finishing the next release (yeah it's coming soon) I'll be focusing on brushing up the reference docs for a bit. Apart from making them current, I'd like to brush up the format a bit too. So I can use some inspiration.

What are your favorite docs sites and why?

Mine are:


Riccardo Zecchini

Ye, I agree with the ones you mentioned: a complete overview of the entire library in the sidebar + comprehensive specifications for each entry. I'd point you to the mapbox api reference They are well structured, with great explanations & good examples

Giovanni Caruso

...that would be cool!

Noah Tsutsui

The jQuery docs have an interactive demo for each argument in the function. When I was starting out, I found that amazing.

Fredrik Ampler

google's material design for the use of animated examples

Thomas Aylott

I like docs that let you toy with each little thing as you learn it

Kevin Cannon

I always loved the PHP Manual with it's user comments below. Makes for a great collection of user-contributed examples.

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