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Ed Chao
Posted Apr 19 - Read on Facebook

If anyone is curious how to make 3D card stack UI, here's a demo I whipped up this afternoon. Basically an array of layers, which reposition on DragEnd. #weekendframer You can play with the interactive version (grab project here:


Stephen Crowley

Very nice!

Jackson Alsop

Cool stuff, man!

Chad Lonberger

Loving these contributions Ed. As soon as I finish the two projects I'm wrapping up #weekendframer is on

Ed Chao

Thanks Chad Lonberger, looking forward to it :)

Koen Bok

Really cool Ed!

Noah Tsutsui

your CS is elegant, man

Ed Chao

Noah Tsutsui lol thanks man :)

Hari Abinash

Hi Ed Chao, This is awesome. But it seems have some problem with the new Framer Studio. Not able to get the exact as shown. Any help would be great.

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