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PJ Macklin
Posted Sep 07 - Read on Facebook

I've had major performance issues running framer projects on Android devices. Has anyone else run into this problem? I'm trying to run fairly simple spring animations, and it just freaks out on me. Seems to work OK on the iPhone, but I'm trying to work with a Galaxy S5 and a Nexus 5. Any workarounds people know of?


Mike Feldstein

I think it's just not great on android :/ My moto g is basically unusable for it, though that's an underpowered phone, it shouldn't be that bad.

Koen Bok

Our Nexus (5?) phone actually runs pretty smooth. I think it can really vary from model to model.

John Anthony Evans

I can also confirm Nexus devices run it pretty well, even complex things with SVG or Canvas animations.

Edward Sanchez

I had issues on my iPhone actually - probably depends on complexity of prototype and processing power of phone.

PJ Macklin

Hmm thanks for the tips, guys. I suspect it might have to do with scaling a large image...lots of repainting :)

John Anthony Evans

Pj you might want to try loading in a few different size assets and switching them to help with performance.

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