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Kevin Cannon
Posted Sep 06 - Read on Facebook

What do people recommend for previewing prototypes on Android? I've tried a few full screen browsers, but they all see to scale things wrong.


Zachary Halvorson

I've had luck with giving things a widths relative to Screen.width. I wrote a couple functions to help me convert all the hard-coded widths and heights:

fluidY = (value) ->
_if Utils.isMobile()
__parseInt((value/proportionalHeight) * Screen.height)
__parseInt((value/960) * Screen.height)

fluidX = (value) ->
_parseInt((value/540) * Screen.width)

Alex Hazel

The meta tag in the head of the index.html document defines scaling properties. Changing the value fixes scaling issues. Someone here posted that changing it to .33 instead of 1 fixed their issue on their specific Android device

Phil Hammel

Alex is right. Changing the initial value to .33 fixes the scaling issue on S4 and Nexus 5. Could always use the new mirror feature in the latest version too ;)

Kevin Cannon

Thanks for the tips - got it working pretty well.

I'm trying this on a Sony Z1 Compact. I get different results between Chrome add to homscreen, and using fullscreen browsers like CM Browser.

Fiddled with a few things and got it working pretty well in CM Browser by setting the size explicitly. The scaling parameters don't seem to do much.
content="width=640, height=1136"

Just to be messy, I'm trying to view an iPhone prototype on my Android phone :)

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