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Marc Krenn
Posted Sep 03 - Read on Facebook

I often send Dropbox-links to my client in order to show them my current progress - it's automatic, reliable and always up-to-date. Both, my clients and I love this new super-iterative workflow.

Loading and caching can be a pain in the ass, though. I currently black-out the screen for a certain amount of time in order to give the browser enough time to fetch the data (~30sec. for 30megs of data ... [email protected] mockup). Some layers needs the be loaded quicker than others (like the ones currently off-screen), but right now, images are getting loaded in a pseudo-random order.

Therefore I'd like to ask you, Koen, to include something like a loading-priority-function, forcing the browser to request layer-data in a particular order:

layer.priority = 0 # sets the priority to load from 0 ... n; when multiple layers are set to the same priority, this subset gets loaded in the traditional "random" order

Additional, useful functions could be:
Utils.loadingProgress() # returns % loaded -> could be great to create "real" loading animations
layer.loadingProgress() # returns % loaded of this particular layer
layer.load() # loads the layer no matter what
layer.loaded() # returns true or false
Utils.load(2) # loads particular priority-subset

On a more silly note:

Relevant link:



Koen Bok

Yeah this should be doable. The easiest would be to just supply a list of images that we need to preload, and I start the prototype only after they are all loaded.

In terms of events, a layer with an image already throws the "load" event if an image is loaded.

Marc Krenn

Cool. Yeah, a simple "layer.preload = true" would certainly be sufficient 90% of the time.

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