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Jay Wong
Posted Sep 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, I need some help =)

I'm trying to create a framer layer that can draw from the webcam and be manipulated as a normal framer layer.

In my example here, you can see that if I just write the code for the div manually it successfully can pull from the webcam, but as soon as I instead try to create a framer layer and insert that same html, it all of a sudden doesn't work.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you guys so much in advance!


Mike Feldstein

It looks like framer layers aren't actually inserted into the dom immediately, so you'll need to wait until they are before you can access child divs. I just wrapped the whole thing in a requestAnimationFrame as you can see here:

Jay Wong

Thank you so much Mike!

This ended up working too:
video400 = layer._element.querySelector("#circle-video-400")

Basically, since framer layers aren't actually in the document it was having trouble accessing the object.

Both solutions are great =). Thanks!

Daniel Lin

How are you using Framer together with codepen?

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