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Edward Sanchez
Posted Sep 01 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way I can move the console to it doesn't obscure my project? I can't interact with my project and view errors and print commands at the same time and it's extremely cumbersome. I could go to 50% content but then that changes behavior in code when you try to get clientX, clientX becomes 1x whereas the rest of the values remain 2x.


Mike Feldstein

If you use console.log instead of print it will show up in the web inspector instead of on device.

Edward Sanchez

Mike, not sure if you're using Framer Studio, but I don't see the web inspector there. When I type console.log "hi" I see nothing.

Mike Feldstein

Its a bit hidden, but if you right click inside the frame of the phone, hit inspect element, then click the console button at the toolbar at the top you should see any logs. Not the best workflow, it would be great if framer studio made this more accessible, but if you need logs in the meantime, there they are.

Edward Sanchez

NO WAY! Awesome! I was saving and refreshing my browser constantly so this is much better! Thank you!

Chad Lonberger

Also the tiny icon in the lower left

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