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Kai Oliver Reuter
Posted Sep 15 - Read on Facebook

Hello guys, for a project i need to use hammerjs. How can i use it on a framer layer. I made this example but it doesn't work (no errors in console):

var hammertime = new Hammer(layer._element);
hammertime.on('tap', function() {

Hope you can help me. Thanks!


Seoh Char

put ` = 'auto'` above of `new Hammer`
does it work?

Kai Oliver Reuter

yeah it works, thank you very much!

Dae Hyuk Yoon

So does this mean we have to add that line for every single interactive layers?

Seoh Char

there is a little bit more sane way, just put `*{ point-events: auto !important; }` in style tag of index.html.

Dae Hyuk Yoon

Awesome, thanks Cha Seoh!

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