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Emanuele Salamone
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

Good day everyone,
i'm new here, i love FramerJS, it's so powerful and fast to use!
Does anybody knows if there is a way to animate style properties?
I made a few layers with text (.html property), then i choose the font color, weight and size with style. Now i need to animate the text color to white.
Anybody can help?


Koen Bok

Hey Emanuele, welcome. Currently you can only style properties directly on the layer, so not arbitrary css properties. This is is on the roadmap though.

Emanuele Salamone

Ok, thank you for the fast response... i think i will create two different layers and fade between them to simulate the text color animation!
Now i can't wait for the next Framer version!

Arvi Raquel-Santos


Is this still on the roadmap Koen?

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