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Peter Dijkgraaf
Posted Aug 28 - Read on Facebook

I've made a little loader for the TravelBird app in Framer.
Feedback is always appreciated!
Keep up the great work guys! I absolutely love Framer!


Alex Hazel

Awesome work man!

Just my two cents, it would be cool if on the first rotation of the minute hand it drew a circle around the clock hands at the same speed as the minute hand thus creating the look of a clock and all subsequent spinning would continue inside the circle.

Alex Hazel

Also think about maybe making the top line of the chevron the minute hand at the beginning of the rotation and start the animation from there. There is a bit of an awkward jump at the beginning because it seems more natural for the animation to start at the top instead of the bottom. I would have to see it though, not sure

Stephen Crowley

So when I click "book now" the clock animation is indicating the system is busy? Would it then take me to another page after?

Peter Dijkgraaf

Alex, that's a brilliant idea man! Thanks!
The animation of the clock starts at the position of the chevron. There is a bit of a jump cause the top pointer jumps on click in the small pointer. I have a play with it and make that one animated instead of an instant change.

Stephen, when you click book now it will fetch the prices and you'll jump to the price overview page. This call can take a second or 2. That's why I wanted a "fancy" loader :)

Kim Does

The perceived waiting time of a user depends on the speed of a spinner (google for more info): maybe it would make sense to speed it up a bit.

Interesting stuff :).

Peter Dijkgraaf

Great insight Kim! I've found a couple of nice articles. Thanks!

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