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John Framer
Posted Aug 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

Why do different layers have different coordinate systems?

I send layerA to position 0,0 and it goes to the top left corner of my screen, as expected.

I send layerB to position 0,0 and it goes to some random position in the middle of the screen (not even at the point where it was exported from sketch).

Why is that? THANKS


Koen Bok

They depend on the layer above. So If the root layer is at 300,300 a child layer with 0,0 actually shows up at 300,300 on your screen. You can set and read these at anytime with the myLayer.screenFrame property.

John Framer

thanks Koen, I need a bit of syntax help. I read it but how do I set the screenFrame? I am coding in JS

layerB.screenFrame(0, 0); and it does not work.

On another note, I know that you guys have a lot on your plate but I would love the documentation to step up a notch. With syntax reference and examples for each method.

Koen Bok

layer.screenFrame = {x:100, y:100}

Koen Bok

We know, we're working on it.

John Framer

layer.screenFrame = {x:100, y:100} thows an error Koen.
Uncaught TypeError: object is not a function app.js:110
(anonymous function)

Koen Bok

I just added this, so I think you are using an older framerjs. Just click File > Update Framer.

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