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Edward Sanchez
Posted Aug 27 - Read on Facebook

So my project works perfectly on Framer Studio but when I export to JS and load it on a browser or Mobile phone I get errors on some on the events. Some NaN error. And some stuff doesn't work.
What do you do in cases like these? How do you debug?


Koen Bok

NaN is not a number so you are trying to calculate with things that are not numbers. If I had to guess you are likely counting an event to have a number that is only available on desktop (maybe clientX iirc).

Debugging is easy. Look for "Safari on iOS"

Edward Sanchez

Oooh clientX is only desktop eh? That probably explains it!
I'm using hammer for a press and hold event and event.x doesn't work with it.
Thank you!
Any ETA on when you'll add more events? My code is a noodle soup to work around it! :-P

Thanks so much for everything! Despite the numerous questions and feature requests, this framework has totally changed my life! I always wanted to be able to program, and to be able to pick it up in a day is quite astonishing!

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