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Edward Sanchez
Posted May 02 - Read on Facebook

What's the difference between TouchEnd, DragEnd and Click? DragEnd is evoked even when you just tap an object.
I need to perform different functions on each of those events.


Sergey Voronov

any updates on this? its really frustrating writing additional checks to disable click/tap functionality for draggable layers. when i dragend layer - click/tap event fires

Koen Bok

I think you want to compare the start/end positions of the drag. But I should maybe build that in. Here is an example:

Edward Sanchez

Oh yes building it in would have saved me like 2 hours of cracking my brain figuring out workarounds and debugging. Ended up setting triggers. Will share my code tomorrow.

Stephen Crowley

Thank you! This example was super helpful for an issue I was having this morning. You guys saved me so much time.

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