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Nick Bewley
Posted Aug 25 - Read on Facebook

Not sure if this has been asked already, apologies if so. What degree can we integrate coffeescript into objective C? It would be nice to re-use the code as much as possible when designing for iOS.

Some googling has led me to JavaScriptCore, which allows you to integrate Javascript into objective C, but I have never used it. Any thoughts / experience on this? Thanks for your input.


Mike Feldstein

I wouldn't, however a lot of the code can translate one to one. For example the bezier-curve parameters can be plugged directly into CAMediaTimingFunction functionWithControlPoints to create the exact same animations.

Mike Feldstein

You can just put a UIWebView into your app if you really want to just run framer code in an app, but the amount of work to make the code a truly integral part of your app is much greater than just learning UIKit.

Nick Bewley

Thanks Mike Feldstein, those are worthy points. Working with an iOS developer, and trying to find the optimal workflow to implement framer-generated interaction design. Thanks for your input.

Mike Feldstein

I think that optimal workflow is still being discovered, so if you come up with any neat tricks, share them.

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