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Nick Bewley
Posted Aug 25 - Read on Facebook

Having a problem with Framer Studio 1.5.12 on Mac 10.9.4 2.3GHz Intel i7. Have downloaded multiple times restarted closed other apps, etc. Every time I open the suite it will crash. I cannot edit anything or use the studio whatsoever. The app pauses and spinning cursor ensues. Still on trial version.. Framer Generator works fine, however. Strangely works fine on my team members' machines, only difference is they are on 2.7 GHz intel i7..

Anyone faced this problem? Hoping to get this working and integrated into our workflow. Thanks!


Koen Bok

Can you try the 1.6 we shipped today?

Koen Bok

If it's the same can you send me a crash log?

Nick Bewley

Awesome, 1.6 works like a charm. Thanks Koen Bok!

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