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Jonathon Toon
Posted Aug 25 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone have a standard or foolproof way to create a horizontal scroll view with paging?


Ed Chao

I think its a bit early to have standards haha. I would do this by putting all the layers I want to scroll into a container, and then enabling drag on that container only along the X axis. I would then give the container x position states for each "page" and on DragEnd, I'd evaluate a conditional to see which state the container is closest to, and then switch to that state. It's kind of a brute force way to do it, but I think it should work.

Jonathon Toon

Basically what I started trying. Thanks.

Koen Bok

A lot of the things you need are in here Jonathon:

Jonathon Toon


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